A General Description of Various Tow Behind Spreaders

Choosing the appropriate tow behind spreader for your house or office is very vital. One should judge what best works for you as there are numerous and diverse models available in the market. One of the ideal options is the Precision Products tow behind spreaders.

Precision Products TB S6000RDO S 6 Series 130 pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader with rain cover is a robust unit and developed as a tow behind. Compared with other less costly spreaders, like walk behind spreaders, precision spreader can manage heavier weight and broad tire spacing. This keeps the unit from tipping when traveling over jagged grounds or when making quick turns. It has a stronger gear box, metal gears and attachment which will enable the precision spreader to have a higher shelf life. Click the link forĀ santa clara towing

Its tires are also huge and pneumatic, designed to carry optimum weight.

This product can be assembled also and it is very durable. The feeder controls are made of stuff hard not inexpensive plastic. Another advantage of this product is that one can access the feeding control from the lawn tractors seat very easily. This allows the user to turn on or off the spreader easily as desired. Furthermore the volume alteration is easy to access from your tractor seat. It also works fine with on an undulating turf than many spreaders as it has massive tires and can cover complete load of manure.

Another model to think is the Precision Products TB S4300RDGY tow behind step up broadcast spreader. This unit is developed for simple and swift spreading while towing behind tractor or vehicle. This unit is fitted with a hopper size of 2,200 cubic inches and is ideal for house uses. The product is very user friendly with a fingertip cable control that can be easily accessible while sitting on the tractor. This unit can be effortlessly attuned to the spread pattern.


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