American University – A Historic Institute of Education

A renowned institute of education the American University in Washington DC offers a position, a state of the art learning center that operates in numerous fields. Inspired by a historic letter by George Washington himself in which he described his desire for a National University, the American University was finally created in 1893.

The American University consists of two campuses that are not conjoined together. The main campus is situated on Massachusetts Avenue while the second Tenley Campus is situated on Nebraska Avenue. The design on both is quite simply stunning presenting the chance to witness a charming and attractive locale. Both are dominated with sweeping green landscapes peppered with trees and of course the structures of the University itself. Click the link below for 美国大学排名

The Main Campus was crafted by the discerning hand of Frederick Law Olmsted though his original design was modified due to a lack of funding. Highlights that can be found on the grounds include a 5,000 seat arena, various residential halls, an outdoor amphitheater and a main quadrangle that is surrounded by various academic buildings. A host of plant species grow on the grounds which has led this campus to being declared a public garden and arboretum by the American Public Garden Association.

Even more architectural masterpieces can be found at the Tenley Campus that is located approximately half a mile away from the main campus. The centerpiece when it comes to architecture on this campus is undeniably the Capital Hall. This building clearly has a regal look that makes it quite a majestic and inspiring sight. Other structures of interest that can be found here include the Congressional Hall, Federal Hall and the Constitution Building.


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