Choosing the RIGHT Vendor for Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

As a meeting planner, choosing the right vendors can be a daunting task, especially for a service that is not frequently required. Simultaneous interpretation may well be uncharted waters for most but if you are handling meetings for large corporations, associations or international organizations, you will at times be requested to provide this service. You can be ready to respond right now by learning the proper terminology, where to find equipment providers and the questions vendors will ask.

What is Simultaneous Interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation is facilitating the communication of speech from one language to another in real-time allowing presentations or conversations to flow naturally, without delay. The interpreted speech is usually heard by using a wireless receiver with earphone. This service might also be called conference interpretation, language interpretation or even simultaneous translation. Get  w-2表格解读

Interpreting is a very complex task. You might be surprised at how demanding it is, in terms of interpreter qualifications and the quantity of equipment needed to deliver the service. But the truth is that accurate communication is the most important aspect of any meeting and quality interpretation will ensure its success.

What type of equipment is required for Simultaneous Interpretation?

The parameters of the meeting will determine the type of equipment required for providing simultaneous interpretation. For the majority of conferences, the following equipment will be required:

Interpretation Booths
Interpretation booths are used to provide sound insulation for the interpreters. They allow them to work in a quiet environment while blocking their voice from distracting the meeting attendees. Inside the booths, the interpreters will receive an audio feed of the floor channel (the current speaker in the meeting) and simultaneously interpret into another language.

Looking for an equipment provider, you should enquire whether their portable booths meet the ISO-4043 standards or not. If they have the certificate, it is safe for you to assume that the booths will provide proper sound insulation and an adequate working environment for interpreters in terms of comfort, ventilation, lighting and visibility. Detailed information can be found on the at AIIC page for “Mobile booths for simultaneous interpretation”. Meeting ISO-4043 standards will be an absolute pre-requirement when organizing an event for a prominent international organization.

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