RSS Feeding is Still Best For Websites

Real Simple Syndication; better known as RSS. You will find this on every website. What is this button for anyway? What is the big deal about RSS? RSS is the content delivery medium. It converts your web pages to text so the search engine robots can easily index and list websites. RSS is basically visibility and getting your website out there for everyone to see. Not getting the whole picture yet?

Here are some major reasons why you need RSS feed on your site. Backlinks. Site ranking is dependent on backlinks. How would your site be ranked if it were not for your links visibility? How would people find you? Getting backlinks takes effort and time. Let us assume you do not have these two. Using RSS, your content will be visible to other important websites. Most of the time, these sites are already crawled regularly by the search engines. Once your site is listed in them, then it will be crawled too. Not much effort if you think about it. RSS is just like marketing via word of mouth.

When you established yourself in the content field, then more and more people will know who you are and what your business is about. Syndication. Instead of trying to find visitors to go to your website, you can actually share your contents to the numerous websites that have people coming every second and every minute. This is RSS syndication at work, ladies and gentleman. By submitting your RSS feed to directories, you are assured that other websites will pick your contents up. People are online to get information, answers to their needs and even avail of products and services.

You would want your site to be visible enough so you will appear on the search results. RSS has been used even before social networking sites were created. Even before Twitter became a hit. RSS is still chosen by internet savvy individuals because it is know they can distribute their contents without have to exert too much effort to do that. Easy Access. When you have a RSS feed, readers only need the RSS reader to gain access to your content, from anywhere and every time they want to. Your site will be delivered directly to their computer.


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