Tow Truck Driver

Next on the list of the driver is getting to his designated tow truck and then making sure the vehicle is ready for its journeys throughout the day. The tow truck driver will start the truck and let it warm up and then be off. Click the link for

As tow calls come in, they are taken care of in an orderly fashion. The comfort of the heated cab is consoling during the drive to each destination. It can be a little cold during the actual hook ups but those moments are normally fairly short in nature and keep things interesting.

When it is extremely cold out the tow truck drivers are very busy.

Although the driver may hate to go out in minus thirty weather he realises that sometimes the customer is stuck out in that cold weather waiting for a saviour to tow their vehicle or get it started with a boost.

I have some safety tips for drivers. Always have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Leave an extra pair of gloves, a hat, and a warm jacket or sweat shirt in your car. Also it’s very important to keep a spare bottle of water, for you or the radiator and a utility candle for warmth and light if the engine won’t turn over. If you use the candle don’t forget to crack a window to let the noxious fumes and smoke out.

Occasionally, someone needs their vehicle winched out of a ditch in which case the driver needs to be extra careful so as to not get the tow truck immobilized or stuck itself. The driver must also watch out for traffic to avoid making an already difficult situation worse.

This can be a hard job but it is usually very rewarding when you have saved someone from the side of a dark snowy road.

Use the best towing company you can find and you’ll be glad you did with the money you save!

To use the towing company with the largest ad in the phone book is not always the wisest thing you can do.

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