Tow bars are easy to use and inexpensive to boot; further, they are an immensely practical towing solution. When you use a tow bar the set up is convenient and you require a very minimal quantity of equipment. Cost is a major consideration for most people and the tow bar fares very favorably in comparison to the trailer or dolly. Another advantage is that you don’t need to worry about storage since it attaches directly to the vehicle.┬áVisit for best towing santa clara

You can select from three basic types and now surely your next question will be, which one will be best suited for you. The most common type is the self aligning tow bars; they are extremely easy to use. The A frame has to be position perfectly and will require two people to get it set up.

In many cases, it is best to opt for one the coach-mount type rather than the car-mount type. The reason being the tow bar you mount on your car will only serve to increase the weight of the vehicle front side. It can drastically reduce ground clearance and affect the vehicle’s suspension by increasing the wear and tear on not just the suspension but the tires and brakes as well.

How to choose the correct tow bar class? Towing equipment is categorized into four classes and is based on the weight of the vehicle to be towed. Class 1 – up to 2000 pounds; Class 2 – up to 3500 pounds; Class 3 – up to 5000 pounds; Class 4 – up to 10000 pounds. You have to know the weight of your vehicle before you choose the class. If you carry around heavy duty items in your vehicle on a regular basis that weight will have to be added to the vehicle’s weight before you select the class. One way of choosing the weight is to jump to the next class if you find the vehicle’s weight is very close to the maximum limit of a particular class.


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